NOTE: If you are running in WebGL & You cant see the UI,  Try using Fullscreen!

This game was made for the Mini Jam : 111, the main theme for this game jam was Colours and the limitation was "You are your own enemy"

Paint 'Em out! is a top-down shooter where you are trying to overthrow the Grey Company which are taking away the world's colours, due to economic reasons, the various employees you'll met don't have guns to shoot you back, but you do, and you can use it to colour the world!

Watch out because you are your worse enemy, those bullets you shoot bounce off walls and can come right back at you and kill you!

There's 6 levels waiting to be played as well as credits !

Please take into account this game was made for a game jam, if you encounter bugs, that's normal, the game isn't fully fixed and those are to be expected.

Programming has been done by Minimg, pixel art has been done by L3mmy_, Levels done by L3mmyLuke, Sound effects done using SFXR, font from Kenney!

I hope you like our game!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorsMinimg, L3mmy
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Colorful, Pixel Art, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download the file, Extract the zip, open the folder, And run / double click the exe file!

(That isnt the unity crash handler one)


Paint 'Em Up!.zip 35 MB


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This game is really additive to play, i love the sounds and the visuals/feedback you get from it. I'm finding myself restarting loads trying my hardest to find different loops to dodge the bullets xD well done

one bug (which i dont mine becuase i just refeash the page) is that i cant click to restart which isnt a main machine in of itself so

I like it, it was really cool especially the part WHERE I killed myself. In game though never in real life.

It's a simple game but with an interesting idea, I like that the theme of the Jam is well implemented, my only but is regarding the excessive shaking of the camera when shooting, which if can be somewhat annoying.

Hey it's a cool game, the UI wasn't working, even on full screen, and there was some jittering when moving, but I loved the concept. Are you planning to keep developing it?


Glad you liked it!

There will be a couple updates after the jam finishes yeah, fixing the UI and some other things!

great, I'd love to try the new version, please keep me posted!

the game is perfect but the camera zoom is small


Great game!